evaluate: trusoul davis: soul fiyah

Fiyah Baby!

Artist: Trusoul Davis

Title: Soul Fiyah

The 4th album release from Cleveland, Ohio based independent soulster Trusoul Davis , was released this week, I have had the pleasure of listening to the album for the last 3 weeks. Trusoul debuted in 2016 with Truexperience also a full 10 tracker.

Medium: Digital: Full Album : Associated Artists: Queen Kee. BB Rae. Gwen Yvette. Kemi Subola. Cedrina

This time around it’s a welcome return to the winner’s circle with Trusoul collaborating with some notable artists including South Carolina’s Gwen Yvette.

The 11 track set is consistent throughout having played a track each week on my regular Tuesday night show on Global Soul Radio www.globalsoulradio.com .

The set opens with ‘Impression’, featuring Queen Kee, and into the lovely mid-tempo Right Here produced by The Hit World Music Group’ , one of the stand out tracks is ‘Spend The Night’ featuring BB Rae.It is evident that on the first three tracks TruSoul has returned to the smoother soul side, as opposed to the ‘West Coast heavy RnB side, that was evident in some not all tracks on previous releases. This ain’t broke so don’t fix it.

The proof is in the pudding as at the present time there are a number of tracks in the Amazon Top 100. All Night has that ‘Silk’ Freak Me Baby intro , and is also an nod to the legend that is Johnny Gill, and will resonate with many, and will be spun by radio aficionados. ‘In Love Final’ ‘Trusoul’ relates the ups and downs in a current relationship Ishanae [Your tendency is to finish whatever you start], comes back at Trusoul, I’m sure there is a sequel to this song somewhere. Real Love featuring Kemi Sulola, a real solid track and vocals from both.

Anything missing ? perhaps a bouncy killer 80-90 bpm track, similar to Track 10 ‘Waiting’ featuring Cedrina  and possibly a male duet ? hopefully next time , but this album is truly independently put together no big record deal, and should be supported by the record buying public on both sides of the Atlantic, and a note to other artists it is consistently good throughout the 11 tracks, which we don’t often see.

Highly recommended.

Track Listing

1.TruSoul-Davis-ft–Queen-Kee–Impression (1)

2.TruSoul Davis-Right Here -Prod HitWorld Music Group-

3.TruSoul-Davis ft.BB Rae- Spend the Night

4.TruSoul Davis-Are You

5.TruSoul-Davis ft. Gwen Yvette- More than Friends

6.TruSoul Davis-open your heart (Digital Remaster)

7.TruSoul Davis ft. Ishanae-In Love final

8.TruSoul-Davis-All Night

9.TruSoul-Davis ft.Kemi Sulola-Real Love

10.TruSoul Davis ft.Cedrina -Waiting


Russ Cole Presents the 50 50 Show on Global Soul Radio every Tuesday 7.00pm #supporting #indpendent #artists

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