: playcast : latest :#30: 50 50 show

01 Leroy Burgess feat Saving Co Co Work It Out
02 Kool Customer Fastlane
03 Saul Earth & Rain
04 Brian Lucas Lucky Man Tellin’ Me Somethin’
05 Taylor Nikohl Wave Watchin’ You
06 Meko You Love Me (Trippin’offtheWay) feat Go Go Mickey
07 Bri Luv Be Around
08 Marcus Scott Real Me
09 Kevin Ross Thing Called Love
10 Travis Mendes Ice Cold (D.O.D.)
11 Charli Dahni A Poem About A Butterfly Do U Remember the Good Days
12 JSOUL SHINE feat Sy Smith

‘A Kilo To Go’ – Charting Soul Music from 1996 to the Present

Psn: 407 Nnenna Freelon Soulcall Button Up Your Overcoat
Psn: 406 Mo [Morris] Pleasure Elements of Pleasure Lovers Groove 2004
Psn: 405 Cornell Stone Stoned She So Beautiful
Psn: 404 Janita I’ll Be Fine
Psn: 403 Alicia Keys DIary of Alica Keys Heartburn
Psn: 402 Traci Mattison Lament All I Ask
Psn: 401 New Birth feat Mervin and leslie Wilson The Fun IS The Chase

23 Cornell Carter featuring Nate Absolutely Morning Touch
24 Blanche J Voice Memos B Black Man (feat. Quentin Talley)
24 Jae Franklin Between Us
25 Aja Valle` Mixed Emotions
26 Katherine Penfold Better
27 Onyx Odyssey Welcome To the Black Stone Pt 1 Trigger
28 Kevin Hawkins All Night Long
29 Carolann Brevard In a Mood
30 Susan Carol Ride
31 Will Downing Déjà Vu (feat. Avery Sunshine)russ white and gold round