: 50 50 show : legacy :

 :50 50 show : legacy :

The show is presented live by Russ Cole for Mi-Soul Conoisseurs.

The format of the 50 50 Show show consists of 50 Per Cent Pre and New Release Soul Music by new contemporary independent, and established soul artists from around the world, and is wrapped around the remaining 50 Per Cent. Charting Soul Music from 1996 to 2017, hence 50 50, the chart was conceived and compiled originally in August 2017.

Listeners can contribute through Social Media there are no stand-in presenters. The show is  occasionally pre-recorded when Russ has a scheduling clash. The show is recorded for a release on the Mi-Soul Conoisseurs’ podcast on Mixcloud.                Don’t forget the show is wrapped around a rather unique chart ‘A Kilo To Go’  charting Soul a ‘Soul Music Experience’ from 1996 to 2017 ‘A Top 1000’ .  A Top 1000 in effect .


50 50 Show Broadcast Medium and Interaction
The 50 50 show is an independent production and is broadcast worldwide on the Internet , via the “Mi-Soul” web site http://www.mi-soul/radioplayer/msc , http://www.5050show.net and also via the Tune In application on Personal Computer, Tablet and Mobile formats via a variety of Media Players, and “V” Tuner listen in glorious stereo or Dolby 5.1 instead of Lo-Fi or Small Form format.

50 50 Show – Additional Features
In addition the show has two additional features the opening track on the show always features a “Remix”, The only characteristic of a remix is that it appropriates and changes other materials to create something new.

The show always ends with a cover version the “Cover to Cover”, a commercially released song by someone other than the original artist or composer, this closes the show.

50 50 Show – Additional Features

Previous Editions
50:50 Show (1st Edition) – Broadcast on Soul Legends Radio – May 2014 to August 10 2016

In May 2014 the first Edition of the 50:50 show debuted and ran to it’s conclusion on August 10 2016, with the final songs’ being played on the Top 1000 of All Time. Number 1 was the Marvin Gaye LP ‘What’s Going On’ “LP” – What’s Going On/Inner City Blues/Save The Children were the tracks played .
50:50 Show (2nd Edition) – Broadcast on Soul Legends Radio – August 17 2016 to September 6 2017

The 50:50 Show (2nd Edition) profiled the new chart “The 724” (724 Positions). and charted Soul Music from 1997 to the Summer of 2016 and included the best Modern, Independent and New Release Soul Music whilst retaining the Pie and Mash Up and Cover to Cover sections the show has new Intro’s and Drops, giving the show an instant makeover.The first show of the (2nd Edition) was broadcast on Wednesday August 10 2016, and concluded on September 6 2017, before transferring to Mi-Soul Conoisseurs in October 2017.


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