: soul conoisseurs : chart :


the soul conoisseurs’: top 20: december 08 2018:
psn: lwk: artist: title: format:
01: 04: carmichael musiclover: happy place: album:
02: 08: groove association: more and more: album:
03: 07: tiffany t’zelle: that woman: single:
04: 05: ari lennox grampa/pedigree: single:
05: new entry: kate stewart: in the beginning: ep:
06: 02: glenn jones you and me: single
07: ne: will downing: the promise: album:
08: 20: randy hall: how do you want your love single:
09: 03: darien dean detours: album
10: 04: lynda dawn: move: single:
11: 14: chelsea wilson: real love single:
12: 06: chuckola: never give up: album:
13: 09: tony lindsay: something beautiful: album:
14: 17: michael donaby: on top of the world: single:
15: new entry: rodney block: fantastic beatz: album:
16: new entry: rai: youre all i need: single:
17: new entry: t.shaheed: l8tely ep:
18: new entry: public announcement: good love: single:
19: new entry: bird williams: heaven: single:
20: new entry: rimon: bbygirl focu$ ep:
the soul conoisseurs’: breakers: december 08 2018:
a: vie boheme: swoon: ep:
b: nic jackson: the promise: album:
c: moonchild: get to know it: single:
d: margarret floyd: just margarret: album:
e: amar khalil: who do you love: single:
f: 528: non linear time: album:
g: vallery valentine: love sessions: album:
h: mr chandler: them things: single:
h: tisha campbell: i dont mind: single:

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